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Entertain Your Party Guests with a Fun Casino!

A unique way to make your event memorable with Hampshire's fun casino service


A fun casino is a different and unique way to keep your party guests entertained, add a fun focus to your event, and make it stand out from the crowd.

You pay a flat fee for the casino service and we play with pretend money, so it doesn't cost your guests a penny!

Fun casinos are suitable for many kinds of event, including:

Remember, we are not allowed to use real money, so you and your guests get all the fun with none of the risk!

Click the video below for a quick intro to Blackjack, which is our most popular game:

How Does it Work?

We will supply a professionally trained casino dealer, who will open a blackjack table for three hours (or as agreed).

We tailor our service to your event as much as possible, so we always like to discuss the details with customers individually and can be very flexible.

Our friendly and approachable dealers will explain the rules of the game as it proceeds. We will also have hand-outs available.

Each guest will receive ₤50 of fun credit, which can be exchanged for chips at the table.

When guests leave the table, the dealer will issue a receipt for any remaining chips. Guests can use their receipt to continue playing later,or retain the receipt until the end of play to see if they have won a prize.

What Do the Winners Get?

How to reward the winners is up to the event hosts. We will provide a bottle of champagne to the person who has the highest value receipt at the end of play, but as hosts you may provide alternative or additional prizes at your own expense.

If the event is a charity fund raiser, you might decide to link donations to the value of the winner's chips at the end of play.

How Can I Book a Fun Casino?

Feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, or send us an email at [email protected].

Whichever way you choose to get in touch, we promise you a prompt response.

Can I Learn How to Play Before the event?

Of course! Feel free to try out Blackjack by using these instructions.

Please note we use traditional British casino house rules. House rules do vary though, so if you've played Blackjack abroad, you might be used to different rules.


We are based on the south coast of Hampshire, and work throughout the county and neighbouring areas.

Mark Adams Entertainment is a trading name of Jonathan Vee Associates Ltd, Company Number 04840960.